1. Whats on her face? Also youre gross if you think she’s hot.

  2. Did she bang her head on some wet paint?

  3. Flatliner

    I think she passed out on the coke table.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Ribbon dresses control cocaine bloat too?

  5. Sabrina the Chelsea Handler-looking Witch

  6. It looks like someone spit her makeup on. That being said, I would fuck her while making her call me Sam.

  7. Whitney

    Someone photoshop her forehead?

  8. alexxx3488

    Even Clarissa can’t explain…that.

  9. hollyhood

    and a single word was spoken by wise old rafiki – “simba.”

  10. No longer necessary, The Joker wiped off his flesh tone colored make-up and revealed his horrible new visage to his enemies.

  11. Chateau Marmont is holding movie premieres now? Also Melissa, the coke goes in your nose, not on your forehead.

  12. This looks like one of those bad fakes and someone tried to photoshop spooge on her forehead.

  13. Tattoo removal leaves such ugly scars

  14. Vladimir

    Spanx. They just work.

  15. BorrisMorris

    She’s doling better since she divorced that Korean chap. Hope the 6 kids are also doing ok.

  16. Ali

    She might want to check with Rob Ford on this but I’m pretty sure crack goes up your nose.

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