1. This homeless chick has good boobs.

  2. diego

    Richie Sambora?

  3. Flatliner

    There are alot of things going on here…and the only attractive aspect is the pregnant belly.

  4. “Haylie who? Oh no you don’t!”

  5. This chick has been pregnant for, like, a year and a half.

  6. That isn’t a pregnant JLH. That’s a JLH who just uncovered a stash of Hostess cupcakes.

  7. Nice gray roots.

  8. ClitCommander

    Mitch Hedberg?

  9. capn obvious

    Should have gotten naked before she was hit by the dumpy truck. She had a very small window…and she blew it.

  10. Other than the beer gut, that’s the best Eddie Van Halen has looked in years.

  11. Schadenfreude

    Here we have the screen test for the unmade biopic “Joni Mitchell – the fat years”.

  12. Coming up next on VH1′s “Behind the Music: Aerosmith,” the lean years of the early 80s: breakups, drugs, and Steven Tyler really letting himself go.

  13. “Mom! Turkey’s done!”

  14. Good lord, she hit the wall already. The bloat has started.

  15. Tom Jones

    This one IS Kelly Clarkson

  16. crb

    At least she’s dressing & grooming well. -Nothing like a woman who’s elegant even during pregnancy.

    Like an American Carla Bruni.


  17. “D” is for “Dumpy”

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