1. George P Burdell

    Big “S,” small “a,” small “n,” big “D,” small “e,” big “E.” Big “S,” small “a,” small “n,” big “D,” small “e,” big “E.” And there’s a little star at the end.

  2. alex

    Should I be getting sick of someone so beautiful? I understand The Superficial gets Instagram pics for free but I’m getting tired of this chick already.

    • Aw common man! This is an awesome photo. Here we have a very happy, very pretty young girl on a beach at low tide, at sunrise no less, leaping, frisking about, and reaching for the upper stratosphere (no matter that her father should be taking large doses of Thorazine on a regular basis, under tight medical supervision) . Don’t deny it. The photo is lovely. On the flip side, the sight that makes me want to pluck my eyes out at the roots (and probably everyone else is with me on this) would be the millionth photo of Kim Kardashian’s tired old tits and ass, totally exposed and lumbering toward a Limmo in clothes that are sheer and so tight that she must stand in the Limmo or risk killing all that ride with her when the fabric tears asunder when she sits. Ugh. Do you remember Paris Hilton? No, of course you don’t. With any luck, and perhaps if we all begin sacrificing newborn lambs to the prince of all evil (but only as a last resort), Kim K. will go the way of the Werebeast – uh, I mean Paris Hilton (the sacrificing of lambs really does work however – I’m just say’in). Nevertheless, I disagree with you – the photo is lovely. Domi Bien.

  3. capn obvious



  4. cc

    Add some sky high heels to that and I’d bet her ass and legs would look fiiine.

  5. She’s really sexy. Nice jump.

  6. Ireland is a stupid name for a human

    who names their daughter Ireland? Maybe that’s why people hate her.

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