1. Pre-workout intestinal cleanse…

  2. Flatliner

    Those pants would make a great DUI test…just try and point to her asshole.

  3. OK, so Vanessa farted in her sister’s face, but who farted in Vanessa’s?

  4. anonymous

    These two just won’t let UGG boots die.

  5. Are they following Joanna Krupa?

  6. they both look like they reached into a giant pile of clothes and put on the first things they picked. No rhyme or reason.

  7. “There’s no way to determine which of us is the good one, and which of us is the bad one. The only way to be safe is to shoot us both.”

  8. LLBL

    “Uh my gawd, you can just, like smell the smell of all the poor people here. Do you think they even have any money?”

  9. I’ll take the both of them.

  10. They who have both smelt it, both dealt it.

  11. “Why do they call it a yeast infection? It sure doesn’t smell like bread”.

  12. Looks like they just caught a whiff of Vanessa’s career.

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