1. bdog821

    Looks like it’s becoming a game of touch football.

  2. Cock Dr

    Strong sunshine is not her friend.

  3. Truk

    I’m reminded of Indiana Jones guestimating the weight of that bag of sand….

  4. Maybe he’s checking to see where you stick the inflation needle.

  5. cc

    The tit first hug…use it sparingly, and then only with hoes.

  6. Khloe_is_a_sasquatch

    I didn’t know Kim Basinger’s mom was a Playboy Playmate

  7. Perplexity

    When blocking the zone run, keep your elbows in, thumbs up, and always – always – strike the silicone.

  8. AnnaDraconida

    Woof woof!

  9. TomFrank

    Lane Garrison misunderstood the phrase, “Slap her on the can.”

  10. Dave Mustaine

    What an ugly person.

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