1. Dishhonor

    What the hell is she doing to herself? Reading a “150 ways to be ugly” manual?

  2. Damn she went to hell all in one shot.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    No need to worry bout the TSA singling her out.

    “Bitch, just please get on the plane now. Don’t take those boots off… just go”

  4. it had to be said

    Stealth boots designed to blend in at the airport . . .

  5. remember that time she sucked Vincent Gallo’s dick on camera for the movie Brown Bunny?

    (I’m making it my thing that everyone know about that)

    • I saw that scene and thought it’d be a good idea to watch the entire movie. It was NOT. LFMF.

    • cc

      She swallowed every drop too. At least she’s not a spitter.

      • Yeah, she guzzled it like a champ.

        Funny thing is when she realized that she’d just filmed a porn movie scene, she started claiming she and Gallo were dating at the time, so it wouldn’t look like she’d sucked a strangers dick on camera. Gallo responded by saying “nope, we never dated”.


  6. arnieblackblack

    Dog fucking ugly chick hipstering herself to some sort of attractiveness (is this a word? dunno, don’t fucken care neitherer)

  7. Damn, in New York even the ATM’s holla at bitches.

  8. You know things are rough when you’re forced to cut your own hair.

  9. Waldo

    Oh hey, you were great in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.

  10. MJB

    I never understood why this chick is considered a fashion icon. She dresses like someone’s crazy aunt from a small town.

    • Weaselmouse

      Add Anna Wintour’s hairbob, the Olson twins, and Donatella Versace to the list. Those bitches look freaky.

  11. cc

    I am guessing she’s not going to get the J Woww pat down. She may get a trip to a homeless shelter though.

  12. Snack pack

    Which one is this? Dumb, or Dumber?

  13. The fact that she is considered a fashion maven proves to me that I do not and will never understand fashion, so there’s no point even trying, and now I will don my best quilted poncho and retire to the sofa with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

  14. AnnaDraconida

    She looks like a creepy candy van man.

  15. SewMeDown

    tiptoe through the tulips…with me!

  16. Evil Dick Tater

    I must admit Emo Philips does NOT look 55.

  17. Looks like she got an upgrade from a shopping cart!

  18. JJ

    I am pretty impressed at how she matches the patter of her boots to the garbage cans. That’s gangster.

  19. brit


  20. Why wear a disguise when no one knows who you are anymore?

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