1. One of my favorite little asians looking sexy in those those shorts. I would love to get between those legs.

  2. “Look, he roofied me ok? Are you happy now?”

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Apparently she’s waking up from a 2 year bender. That’s the only possible excuse.

  4. So…she was caught stealing in a muslim nation?

  5. it had to be said

    Ah. The classic I-Fucked-Who? face.

  6. Venom

    Yep, the shame has finally set in.

  7. cc

    ‘Oh shit, that guy goes to the same gym as me.’

  8. I like the length but those shorts need to be more snug. More snug I say!!

  9. Snack pack

    Unfortunately, I think there is a lot of wishful thinking in these posts. Whereas it seems some chix are willing to mutilate themselves through plastic surgery to sate their self-hatred, Brenda here accomplishes the same thing through inter-species dating.

  10. Jen

    “I shouldn’t of swallowed, Trace’s semen is 90% Wild Turkey”

  11. NYCTim

    No idea who this person is.

    • farting old man's wife

      She was the spoiled rich girl on a tv show called the Suite life of Zach and Cody! I don’t think she has done anything else other than Miley Cyrus’s brother.

  12. ...

    Nice sweater…

  13. hbw

    So I guess a handjob is out of the question?

  14. Sheppy

    Appropriate writing on her sweater.

  15. Swearin

    What’s she regretting more here, the guy she let knock her up or that she’s now gonna belong to his family?

  16. farting old man's wife

    If she is that cold she needed to wear pants and a jacket!

  17. SlippinX12

    Wait Sandusky has a clothing line too?

  18. Yummmmmmmm…I’m thinking she needs a bit of comforting…

  19. JJ

    Hey! She saved you the trouble of coming up with a caption!

  20. arnieblackblack

    She rooks rubbery in that outfit

  21. gigi


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