1. You know you’re over-the-top gay when Chaz Bono finds you exhausting.

  2. “Is it your turn or mine to be on the receiving end?”

  3. Tuppy

    “Richard, Richard, the world can only stand so much weirdness in one place! Us standing together for too long, it’s like dividing by zero…”

  4. Cock Dr

    Does Richard knit his own clothes while tripping on acid? That’s the only excuse I can think of.

  5. Johnny P!

    LGBT people have demonstrated they can live productive, healthy, loving lives – even married! – as members of society. And the sky never did fall in.
    However, just like us straight people, they need their clowns too!
    Seen here coming out of a risiculously small car are Bobo and Cookie!

  6. The Critical Crassness

    How often do you find a picture of a girl who became a guy coming face to face with a guy who wishes he was a girl? Really, how often?

  7. it had to be said

    Hard to imagine, but this is the most degrading moment of Chaz’s life.

    Also, nice nylons, Richard.

  8. Ol’ Chaz looks like it’s had enough of Richard’s high energy brand of weight loss motivation…and also had enough In ‘n Out burger.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    The moment is not lost on either of them as the torch of Freaky Gay Weirdness is passed down a generation

  10. Venom

    It is like a fight to see who is a more disgusting and embarrassing abomination.

  11. Where’s an alien spaceship with a lab full of probes when you need one?

  12. MarkM

    “Let me go! I just don’t like visual humor, Carrot Top!”

  13. mnsuperbee

    “Ssssir, sssir, you can’t come backstage. We’re all sssstocked up on gay here”

  14. cc

    Look at me. LOOK AT ME! I am telling you, mockery is good for your career.

  15. Jen

    “Chaz! Chaz! look at me, is there a run in my stockings?”

  16. Buddy the Elf

    Remember when Chaz was a chick and Richard was a dude?
    Or at least when Chaz was a chick?

  17. NYCTim

    Good to see one of them is still a woman.

  18. Mike701

    ” DAMMIT RICHARD! I’m not a gay man!’

  19. Toopier

    Why is that man filming Paula Abdul’s Law legal team?

  20. anita drink

    richard simmons welcomes chaz to manhood!!!!!!!!

  21. Bonky

    Richard Simmons officially welcomes Chaz Bono to the bizarre world of The Freaks.

  22. My first thoughts when I saw this (in order): Richard Simmons is balding. Is Richard drunk and trying to make out with Chaz? Pretty sure this is Chaz realizing that Richard Simmons just tricked him into doing some Sweatin to the Oldies. Ha! Some of the comments on this page are hilarious. What the hell is the Wendy Williams Show? Nevermind. It has Richard Simmons and Chaz Bono. I wonder what it was like growing up in the body of a woman, when inside you’re really an Amish man. That camera guy looks like Asian Adam Jensen. WHAT THE HELLS IS RICHARD SIMMONS WEARING? Richard is so Richard that it took me that long to notice that he and Rihanna have the same seamstress.

  23. SewMeDown

    did the pregnant man get a new job? Shouldn’t he be home shitting out more kids?

  24. Runes

    “Hang in there Chaz! Once you’ve completed the transition, you can be all man like ME!!!’

  25. Mike Walker

    All my jewelry is stained and my shorts are too loose!

  26. farting old man's wife

    Get off of me Richard! I don’t suck dicks ya big fruitcake!!

  27. eskwire

    “I wish I could quit you… Ah hell with it, you had me at hello.”

  28. Pip pip cheery-o

    With the camera man, this is the GAY MOTHERFUCKING TRIFECTA!

  29. TomFrank

    You know what makes me most uneasy about this? That this is Cesar Millan’s new reality show.

  30. KC

    For the first time, actually pictured, the infamous big black microphone.

  31. Here we have the makings of a group therapy session that could go on Pay-per-View!

  32. JJ

    If I could TURN down PRIME (rib)……if I could FIND my PLATE…

  33. Napoupi

    Not pictured : Amanda Lepore and Carrot Top.

  34. MisterSuccint

    Don’t cross the streams!

  35. MisterSuccint

    Now I know why 20 Muppets haven’t been seen since they wrapped out shooting the remake.

  36. Slurpee

    “I’m done with you, Simmons! You told me Deal-A-Meal would win me Dancing With The Stars. Now look at me!”

  37. Look Richard, I have the vagina so I make the rules.

  38. Steelerchick

    Chaz Bono and Richard Simmons outside of Wendy’s

  39. This picture is a Singularity of Pleaseshootmeinthehead.

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