1. He’s been stealing those hairs one by one from strangers.

  2. Tom

    AGRAH thats horrible !

  3. Somehow I think the term “shit-eating grin” has a special meaning for him…

  4. John Ravolta again??? The Thetans are aging the shit out of him.

  5. Johnny P!

    TYPO! Should read:
    “Qantas at a celebration of John Travolta’s 91st birthday in Sydney, Australia”"

  6. TeeP

    This is my straight face.

  7. Where did his eyes go!?

  8. He was able to attend the Quantas 91′s birthday because his son’s 21st birthday was canceled.

    Oh don’t give me “too soon”, it was never going to be ok.

  9. Contusion

    What that on your head? A wig!

  10. trix

    everyone knows you’re bald.. seriously…just be a man about it.

  11. Remember those things where you rubbed a magnet around and put hair on a bald guy? And retard eyes? And a turkey neck?

  12. cc

    I am smiling because I am married to someone who was and still is hot….and because I get paid a lot of money to star in one mediocre movie after another.

  13. Deacon Jones

    “Captain Dildo, reporting for duty, SIR!”

  14. Chinny

    He looks like someone sent Eric McCormack back from the future to save us from the coming robot apocalypse…

  15. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    People always forget Qantas’ birthday because it’s on the same day as Walmart’s. Good for you John.

  16. andreabeth

    Looks like he has a sea urchin on top of his head.

  17. Crankybitch

    How did the world find out that Oprah, Stedman and I are gay? I thought it was a secret. BUMs me out!

  18. John Travolta and George Takei are slowly morphing into the same person.

  19. Arzach

    He puts the bar on gay and creepy so high… Tom has to be jealous

  20. Swearin

    This wax figure is so lifelike!

  21. “We celebrate our birthdays together.”

  22. The easiest way to see a bad toupee: The valance doesn’t match the curtains.

  23. better return him to madame tussauds before the guards notice. tom cruise looks really random just kneeling there on his own.

  24. Whyask

    John Travolta. The only Man on the planet with a receding toupee.

  25. GuyLeDouche

    “…and unfortunately my neck does look like a vagina…”

  26. “Hahaha…go ahead and say all the mean shit you want to about me. I get to go home and fuck Kelly Preston.”

  27. Elf

    “John Travolta’s audition for the Joker did not go so well.”

  28. tlmck

    Auditioned for the remake of Dirty Harry. Didn’t get it..

  29. Oz Matters

    The only real thing left is that polyester tie.

  30. rantatonne

    Did they shrink his head so as to give him a full head of hair, with the little he had left?

  31. brit

    Gilbert Gottfried looks very respectable in a suit and tie

  32. brit


  33. Jake Zero

    Those grade school reunions are such a hoot!!

  34. Hugh Gentry

    creepy homo

  35. Steelerchick

    Hair today… gone tomorrow.

  36. x33-d-839

    not. a. toupee. ffs.
    its a glynxnrax-oxyletracrgyhl follicular zyhnextentionator.

  37. gigi

    that mouth likes weiner!!

  38. MrsWrong

    Best. Mug Shot. EVER!

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