mujer hermosa con el gorila

  2. Speaking through her smile: You touch my ass again and I’ll have all of Hollywood’s plastic surgeons ban your wife.

  3. Cock Dr

    He’s happy. He may not be able to touch them but he’s a lot closer to them and has a better view down the dress than any of us.

    • hmna

      He got to touch them in “Despardo.”

      Ah, memories.

      • That ‘d be “Desperado”. It’s the English bastardization of a Spanish word, so at least get it right.
        Your “Despardo” would roughly translate as “Dis-Brown”… you sure you wanna go there?

  4. MRF

    Hey, hey, chicharone, I sell you my mule for 5 dollar!

  5. bdog821

    The picture doesn’t show her puss or her boots.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    He’s the voice of Piss in the next Kardashian video.

  7. mnsuperbee

    Hey, I deed not take my nasonex today, so her puss & boots smell fine to meeee! It’s toooo sexy, ay TOO SEXY!!

  8. Greg

    Banderas seems to be doing his best DeNiro impression.

  9. farting old man's wife

    He looks like-Yeah she may look good but god does she stink!

  10. “I don’ dare to touch them again. Las’ tine I touch them che keecked me in the cajones.”

  11. Sad Panda

    Is it just me or is Antonio Banderas starting to look more and more like the janitor from Scrubs?

  12. “Mel, if you’re watching, I hope you undertstand why I absolutely HAVE to hit this later”

  13. Blech

    That is a beautiful dress.

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