1. 1NDUN

    Rubbing one another’s chest for good luck at the Kiss Superstition Goodbye Campari Calendar 2013 event in Milan.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    This motherfucker is trying to steal my “Hug/accidently sideswipe the boob” move.

    Before you try this, know that the move “might” get you 3 months in prison.

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    there are better tits to “accidentally” touch.

  4. “A robot with boundary issues?”
    “I hate your charades.”

  5. “Now to complete the greeting, you have to massage my testicles with your right hand.”

  6. your mom

    Hiya tits, nice to meet you!

  7. ludo

    just a casual pattin’ of the boob, what a sneaky little shit

  8. Phoenix

    “Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later?”

  9. cc

    ‘Kiss Superstition Goodbye Campari Calendar 2013 event’

    Geez, I can’t believe I missed this again this year.

  10. If that’s a “Hello!” picture, I can’t wait for the Goodbye!” follow-up!

  11. The funny thing is this started out as two photographers doing that stupid “let’s take a picture of each other taking the other one’s picture,” and then Schuler and Cruz walked into the frame.

  12. The “Kiss Superstition Goodbye Campari Calendar 2013 event ” was held on the 13th… I love irony.

  13. Can we make Kiss Superstition Goodbye a worldwide thing?

  14. Gay guys get all the luck!

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