1. Mr. Poop

    The douche is strong in this one

  2. BP

    Is that the kid of Will Smith who is a boy but looks like a girl, or that the one who is a girl but looks like a boy……aw fuck it…we’ll be stuck listening to “its” music for the next 20 years!

  3. Patiently waiting on the book he’s writing about how difficult his life was growing up…

  4. I’d like to whip his neck back and forth.

  5. ludo

    whatta dickhead

  6. Moo Cow Hunter

    Is this the boy or the girl now? I can never tell.

  7. Phoenix

    Wow. I couldn’t dress worse if I tried.

    • Bigalkie

      He’s acting out.. A response to closet case parents,.On the other hand, It could be a Scientology thing.

  8. A hoodie emblazoned with the Microsoft ticker symbol…congratulations Will, your kid is Carlton.

  9. Beats?? I entirely expected this pretentious little shit to have his own line of headphones by now.

  10. EricLR

    His iPod just has a loop of Will saying “You CAN act!” that plays over and over.

  11. Joaquin ingles

    Someone wrap this kid and beiber in the star of David and overnight them to Hezbollah.

  12. He looks like such a little a-hole. His face pisses me off.

  13. It’s good that he’s wearing those headphones, that way he won’t hear me sneaking up behind him to kick him in his cunt.

  14. amir

    Why is this boy wearing fur and leopard print?

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