1. ThisWillHurt

    “I is write book, with words.”

  2. Crissy

    Is she even able to talk with those chompers?

  3. karlito

    plastic tits and fake white beaver teeth…what the fuck and who the fuck is this creature??

  4. Deacon Jones

    I’ll take 3, please

  5. Mama Pinkus

    does she know breasts do not look like that???

  6. Sister Ray

    Having bolt-ons is bad enough. Having extreme bolt-ons and displaying them with pride is beyond the pale.

  7. Contusion

    All of that and a mustache too!

  8. Who is this horrible implant job bucktooth-tard?

  9. Max

    Those artists and Madame Tussaud’s are amazing!

  10. Jade

    Who is responsible for posing this Real Doll everywhere?

  11. your mom

    She wrote a book? Is it about her tits??

  12. Phoenix

    So lifelike.

  13. Nice sausage lip.

  14. Moo Cow Hunter

    Look at those cannons! If her book sales fall through she can always find work in the Royal Artillery.

  15. Her upper lip is in danger of rolling up like a windowshade.

  16. Bigalkie

    Jesus H Christ.. Her wiki page lists her as a ” Glamour Model ” WTF>>> That page was edited by a Mongoloid ..see below.

    ” From many media outlets, she has been known for her usage in cosmetic procedures. From her perspective, she has been opened to the procedures. She revealed that she had lip fillers, where she regretted saying “I only had fillers because I thought I was getting lines like my nan around her mouth. I realise it was a mistake, though, and won’t be doing it again.”[7] In April 2012, she underwent a Buttock lift which costed around £4,500. She revealed she has botox every six months.[8] She revealed that the reasons why she had cosmetic surgery is because she wanted to feel more ‘confident’.”

  17. cc

    She’s the new spokesperson for Quality Street.

  18. Bionic_Crouton

    She actually puts books in a giant sling shot and shoots them at small orphan children screaming “Take THAT Oliver Twist!”.

  19. For the love of God; please .. somebody break the mold that they use in Britain to churn-out these ghastly titty-beasts!

  20. Book launch party? No, boob lunch party, you sillies!

  21. Halloween is over lady!

  22. navvet75

    I need to stop using the zoom on fake ugly tits

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