1. Hugh G. Rection

    Whenever I ask a girl to pose like that, they run.

  2. Fresco

    Just, apage satanas already, will you.

  3. donkeylicks

    Well I guess Perez was approved to move in.

  4. It’s as if Chris Brown went after her breasts… But why is that chair still standing?

  5. Never a guillotine around when you need one.

  6. Odbarc

    Please be an autopsy photo.

  7. cc

    What a disappointment…when I first saw this pic I thought she’d been pinned to the floor with a samurai sword.

  8. I hope the after photo is a chalk outline.

  9. and this is why you never…NEVER accept a glass of water from Terry Richardson.

  10. Roofied and passed out is considered posing now?

  11. tom

    I fail to see how that guy can be considered a great photographer.

  12. dontkillthemessenger

    Well, my next 2 wishes involve a billion dollars and Salma Hayek’s phone number.

  13. So is she finally dead now?
    *fingers crossed

  14. Kel

    My dog does the same thing after playing fetch for too long too.

  15. kimmykimkim


  16. K-tron

    Why do I have a sudden craving for sad pancakes?

  17. corpse paint

    somebody please, please get this girl some attention!!!

  18. I’ll take “Things You just want to Pound and Pound with a Shovel” for 400, Alex.

  19. And I call this photo, “Proof that there is a God.” (Unless she’s still breathing, of course)

  20. Typical day at work for Richardson, I see.

  21. Gordon

    Well, I see everyone’s gay again.

  22. Someone please take out the trash..Oh and the can is full as well..

  23. somedude

    you’re all massive losers who clearly don’t ever have sex without forfeiting money. You’d all trip over your fat, lonely selves to be with a woman this hot. then again, i can say that because i know real live actual women unlike you lonely shut ins. If a 350 pound one-armed hobo lady looked your way you’d bust a nut in your pants. you’re all huge losers, congrats.

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