1. Renzomatic

    At first I thought that was Lamar Odom still moving his stuff out of his house.

  2. donkeylicks

    Now all we need for this picture is a little photoshop magic and an appropriate picture of Chris Brown. If only there were a good picture that fit this scenario…

  3. George P Burdell

    No, Shaq! We need four and twenty black birds for the pie.

  4. Odbarc

    And this is the box with my baseball trophies and awards.

  5. cc

    A public service announcement about not feeding Doritos to birds….well good for him I say.

  6. Black Leprechaun Security Guard wants his chips back.

  7. It’s never easy feeding birds on the beach, when your dick in a box keeps blowing open in the wind.

  8. Here we Shaq picking out his Thanksgiving bird.

  9. Ladypants

    Hey seagulls, tell me how my ass taste.

  10. Gin&Tonic

    Wow, you know it’s Christmas and my heart is open wide
    Gonna give you something so you know what’s on my mind
    A gift real special, so take off the top
    Take a look inside
    it’s my dick in a box

  11. K-tron

    “Not cool, birds. That was MY sandwich.”

  12. His best role since Kazaam!

  13. Security Guard in background on walkie talkie: “I got some huge guy with a 60 pound box of Doritos throwing chips to the birds.”

    Security Guard’s boss on other end of walkie talkie: “Don’t waste my time with reports like that…wait a minute, is he black? Keep an eye on him!”

  14. Field testing some new Shaq chips he is going to sell in 7-Eleven. If the birds live, they go in the stores.

  15. me

    No dick in a box jokes? Really??

  16. could have brought some shaq soda along..not like anyone is drinking that stuff anyway..

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