1. Qmak

    “I have no talent? Does everyone know?”

  2. This is the best I’ve seen her look. Is it the nails?

  3. Why do some people have to use their bodies as a tattoo billboard? Her tats are pointless.

    And a more serious question: Why do her breasts look like orange balloons rubbing together?

    • Why is it that some people have a bug-a-boo about tattoos? If you don’t like ‘em, then DON’T FUCKING GET ANY!

      • LBee

        Feel the butthurt

      • Ow! Geez. Read carefully: I never said anything about not liking tattoos. I just don’t understand when people sometimes turn them into a collection of random objects. A not-too-large, swirly tribal is one thing, but random keyboards, hearts, anchors, and other items from a Lucky Charms box speak of someone who doesn’t really have a plan, and just wants to pile on more ink.

        It’s a bit like people who throw miscellaneous articles of clothing on and think they have somehow created a tasteful ensemble, but really just show what a mess they are. At least with clothes, you can change them easily. Tattoos are more permanent, and should have more care taken in their selection and placement. Kelly Osborne looks like she took a bunch of temporary tats from different Cracker Jack boxes, closed her eyes, and stuck them wherever. That’s what I’m complaining about, and not tats themselves.

        And yes, I will still complain about her disturbing, jaundiced balloon tits, too.

      • Courtkney

        So tribals are ok but not objects? How do you know they are random? My friend has a hammer tattoo on her leg that she got after her grandfather passed. It means a lot to her and she likes it, and it’s well done. Just because she didn’t tattoo an explanation underneath doesn’t make it any less meaningful than some guy who got a tribal armband “because it looks cool bro”. Although I have no problem if someone wants so get something just because it looks cool. If some chick wants to get a butterfly on her lower back I don’t care. It’s their body. Whatever makes them happy. Personally my only tattoo is a giant pair of lips on my right buttcheek. But I’d be covered in random objects if I had the money :)

      • Dox

        Pics or it didn’t happen.

      • Sorry, NewDave…I guess I was just in a mood last night. I, personally, don’t care one way or the other about any of her tats except the anchor. It’s very cool!

      • No problem. I was in a mood, too. I guess tattoos just aren’t my thing, but if they’re someone else’s, it’s cool.

      • Anyone who thinks a swirly tribal tattoo is ok needs to shut up about tattoos.

  4. Jesus Piece

    Not sure if want…

    Penis feels awk.

  5. Ignore these people Kelly. Come over here and we’ll hug/dry hump it out.

  6. Nothing says you put a lot of thought into a tattoo like a casio keyboard.

  7. Bark at the Moons?
    Sorry, I tried

  8. EricLR

    Too bad they can’t make a bra that lifts your IQ.

  9. She’s gotten cuter and cuter. Very doable. my only complaint is if you’re doing tats, do it properly and go full sleeves.

  10. God I hate myself for saying this. Totally would.

  11. dontkillthemessenger

    I hate her more than celebrities who have committed crimes, but I do love boobs.


  12. Looks like someone just found out they got the lead in the Kathy Griffin biopic.

  13. Nice try with the purple hair, boobs and wide-eyed yet vacant expression. Katy Perry you will never be.

  14. The Pope

    This picture would be a lot better if she held her hands up about six inches higher.

  15. Echo5

    Now would be good time for her to discover she has razor sharp claws that extend from the back of her hands.

  16. She’s cute. The only thing don’t like is the shitty tattoos. I totally would.

  17. Uncle Chester Likes T 'N A

    Of course we missed a lot of crap today. We kept talking about those GD truckers.

  18. The face she makes after biting the Cow off of a live head.

  19. Done worse.

    And every single commenters here have done worse too.

    • Echo5

      Oh yeah no doubt (looking at YOU, Pook from Phuket), but this chick doesn’t make the pain hurt less.

  20. Jenn

    If she was a drink, she’d be a Purple Cow.

  21. “What my right forearm needs is a REALLY sweet Casio SK-1 tattoo.”

    When does that thought go through someone’s mind?

  22. per hansa

    I would never have thought years ago the day would come that I would actually like to fuck her

  23. crb

    As long as she gets a tattoo of The Captain on one half of her face,

    and Tennille on the other,

    I will feel alright about the ones she’s got, because she’s completed the set

  24. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    Someone finally decided to test the “you can put a pig in a dress…” theory.

  25. I don’t know what makes me think this, but I’m guessing she would be a great roll in the mud…hay…I mean a great roll in the HAY!

  26. Tits…check. Vagina…check. Jaw like Desperate Dan…check. . It’d be like fucking a young, non Parkinson’s Ozzy with sweater meat

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