1. Deacon Jones

    Dan Akroyd’s looking better

  2. Qmak

    “Wyzowski….I want those forms in triplicate by the end of the day.”

  3. Well, we’ll always have “Body Heat”

  4. You mean the person who ate Kathleen Turner.

  5. EricLR

    Put her in an arena with Lena Dunham, a knife, and a quart of Ben & Jerrys.

  6. Wait, wait, wait…I thought Luke burned Darth Vader on Endor after he escaped from the 2nd Death Star…is this a spoiler from Episode VII?

  7. Me: *carefully sets down 2cnd fig newton*

  8. Poor girl seems to be suffering from Shelly Winters syndrome.

    • crb

      and by “Shelly Winters syndrome”, you mean “Jonathan Winters syndrome”?

      -no wait, you’re right, I’m wrong.

      There’s no way the bitch is that funny.

  9. Champers

    “Melanie Griffith thinks she can look worse than me? Bitch, please.”

  10. Jenn

    Why is she wearing her fat suit from The Man with Two Brains?

  11. Jon Pork

    “I’m not bad. I’m just photographed that way”

  12. Mooby

    Turner? I can’t even move her!

  13. sulianto

    Peggy Que got fatter.

  14. Well, time – you win again.

  15. life is cruel

    life is cruel

  16. “Bo shuda. De wanka wanji, talk-droid”.

  17. crb

    And now, from his tour-de-force as Citizen Twain…

  18. Holy Cow.. just… Holy Cow!

  19. Dox

    Jabba’s little known wife, Kathleen the Hutt.

  20. She thought it was the ‘meaty women award’ and that she won.

  21. Surprising friends, family, and fans, Mike Ditka made his first public appearance after his sexual reassignment surgery in Switzerland.

  22. Gordon

    I’d do her.

  23. jen aniston 2023 pregnancy rumors.

  24. I thought Sam Kinison died.

  25. blerg

    Fat Le-ann Rhimes. And I still do worse than this everyday for minimum wage.

  26. KToThaJ

    Mule of the Nile.

  27. Andie

    I think it’s time for Jenny Craig, a new hairdo, and a lifestyle lift.

  28. “You’ll be staying on Mars for how long?”

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