1. After she is married, will there still be hot midget sex?

  2. I thought Dorothy took the red shoes, how did this munchkin get it?

  3. One good reason to watch Nashville. Clare Bowen being the other.

  4. Her panettiere is not that great.

  5. waynemoores

    Still hot and crazy…

  6. Everybody’s favourite sexy little midget. I demand she and Tila Tequila have a naked Jello fight. I’ll have sex with the winner. And the loser.

  7. How can she not walk bowlegged after being split apart by Lurch every night?

  8. Swearin

    “Come this way, Ms. Panettiere. We have to get you inside before they after your Lucky Charms.”

  9. martina

    Stripper heels, tight jeans – she’s always in “do me” mode

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