1. Qmak

    Say what you want, but Bea Arthur is aging really well.

  2. Are her parents both Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

  3. She needs to open an Instagram count right now.

  4. EricLR

    One of these people isn’t just pretending to be young.

  5. mmmm powergirl….

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    My grandfather would totally bang the chick on the right.

  7. Old rockers with their poofy dyed hairdos are the best.

  8. The Pope

    It’s about goddamn time they made a Power Girl movie!

  9. Sabado Gigante


    ::begins penning spec script for “Ava Goes to Ireland,” for release in the summer of 2016::

  10. Josephus

    Locklear looks more like Sambora than Sambora does.

  11. Cock Dr

    Richie has obviously stolen Heather’s hormone replacement meds. Give them back you bastard!

  12. Man, when their daughter gets her obligatory nose-job, she is going to be quite the looker. What?! We were all thinking it!!

    • Walter White

      Indeed. Her mom had a nose like a Macaw in high school. Hopefully she doesn’t have those concentration camp stick legs like her mom.

  13. fred

    If I told you all that Richie was actually preparing for the lead role in the major motion picture production of “Mrs. Storkel”, the compelling yet sad story of my 8th grade home economics teacher who bravely perseveres as the first ever gender reassignment surgery patient in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I bet you all would end your snarky comments.

  14. Ava’s beautiful. I’m looking forward to great things from her in a few years.

  15. Oh,I thought this was a Madame Tussauds reveal.

  16. truth

    So thats what Heather’s nose used to look like…

  17. life is cruel

    16? Shame on her parents for sucking out her youth for themselves! She looks way older than 16 and they look…..well…..they look.

  18. nobody will convince me that this shit photo wasn’t taken at Sears.

  19. tlmck

    Methinks the kid could be a contender.

  20. crb

    At least Angela Lansbury remembered her lipstick this time.

    -But why’d she go brunette?

  21. I thought their daughter was Denise Richards.

  22. Is Ritchie Sambora in the band Yes now ?

  23. Ava is darling. Definitely a charter member of Future Heart Breakers of America.

  24. “I’m coming for you Baldwin: There can be only one.”

  25. martina

    Mom did the bands in the 80s, the bar is set high for Ava. She’s got the looks to keep the casting couches busy for years.

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