1. I think I saw saggy breasts like that once in an old National Geographic.

  2. You wanna give me some relief, just put a shirt on

  3. Dirk Diggler

    Old Queens in Denial Coming next season to FOX

  4. EricLR

    Once again, please do not relief yourself in the pool.

  5. Little Tongue

    It’s time for a mommy tuck, Richard!

  6. Art Crow

    Can I get some censorship here!

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Okay, now I hate boobs.

  8. To be fair, everybody keeps saying, “Stick to tits, Fish!”

    • Hey Fella, Are You George Zimmerman?

      I bet you those assholes are crying for those political posts now. Ha Ha rethugs!

  9. I see absolutely no relief in sight.

  10. Hey Now

    “Somebody pour water on him! He’s beached himself!”

  11. Josephus

    I suddenly find myself rooting for the hurricane.

  12. bewbs

    *shudder* This reminds me of my tits right after I finished breast feeding. Don’t worry, they perked back up! I don’t think Richard will be so lucky.

  13. Those look like two wet tea bags.

  14. fred

    Desperately hoping his flamboyant swim cap would divert attention from his moobs, Richard realized too late that he was woefully wrong in his assessment.

  15. a

    Good morning, Richard Simmons.

  16. Nothing brings in the charity money like saggy moobs.

  17. Jenn

    I love Richard Simmons. He’s swimming in that pool for a good cause. Sure he could’ve worn a shirt, but what the hell. I want to know if they’re swimming for two days(?) straight where are they going to the bathroom? That’s grosser than his old man boobs.

    • Hey Fella, Are You George Zimmerman?

      So him swimming to induce my temporary blindness a good cause too, then?

  18. Chaz Bono looks like shit

  19. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    There’s always a woman around to point to where the old queen has left his dignity behind.

  20. That’s my mum’s cap.

  21. Hey Fella, Are You George Zimmerman?

    Where is the fucking black censorship ribbon when you need. Or in this case it would be square. Huge fucking square.

  22. You forgot the pink stars …

  23. How much do we need to donate to make sure this never happens again?

  24. Why does everyone want to see that old woman topless?

  25. Richard Simmons is a selfless philanthropist, but I could have gone the rest of the night without seeing this pic.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      “Richard Simmons is a self-awareless exhibitionist, but I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing this pic.”


  26. Photo Boy was merciful and didn’t use the shot where Simmons hauled a moob up to his face and ran his tongue along it suggestively.

  27. Dox

    That’s either the most disgusting Princess Peach Cosplay ever, or someone forgot to medicate their grandmother again.

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