1. “Pshhht. Baldwin. You got NOTHIN’ on me.”

  2. EricLR

    His hair plugs are starting to openly revolt.

  3. Which one is he supposed to be? I’m guessing Mr Pink.

  4. Josephus

    I’m pretty sure he’s trying to look back at the last picture of Richie Sambora’s daughter.

  5. martian leader

    ‘seriously. fuck with me.’

  6. fred

    Well done, Sean. I can’t tell if it’s a squirrel, a wig or a stuffed animal. Always keep ‘em guessing, I say.

  7. “Johannson? Yeah, I fucked her.”

  8. “Who the fuck called me “Spicoli”?!”

  9. Slowly morphing into Dr. Smith from Lost in Space.

  10. sqeets

    “I went full retard – I can’t be fucked with.”

  11. cc

    It’s call the unicorn combover.

  12. Dox

    No quote needed.

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