1. Cock Dr

    Very pretty.
    Where’s our blogger? Time off is allowed but only with an explanation AKA lies.

  2. SteveJ

    Yep. That’s about what my monitor looks like now.

  3. Nice one, Photo Boy! You sure can pick ‘em :)

  4. The Brown Streak

    Either she’s 12 foot tall or this shower is designed to wash off vaginas only.

  5. cc

    That’s sweet Leilani but I’m not on a salt-reduced diet.

  6. You can tell by the way she’s looking at that shower head that she’s just great to have conversations with.

  7. Ay Dios mio

    You mean, all his water is for free?! Then I don’t have to blow the sheikh for a cupful anymore?! Glory be to America!

  8. Hell, I’d give her $1,000 just to come over and sit on my couch.

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