1. Johnny P!

    Dude hardly put any effort into his Niki Minaj costume.
    Still looks better and saner than her, though…

  2. Yeah

    And Brian Austin Green in a wig

  3. My expression is the same as the baby’s.

  4. BillEBuoy

    Her kid in the blue wig looks awfully old to be trick-or-treating. Oh well, to each their own.
    Nice ass.

  5. kimmykimkim

    Aaand I’ve now decided against buying metallic jeans. Thanks for ruining that for me, lady.

  6. YEs

    Contrary to the popular belief, its actually: Once you go black, you go gay.

  7. “Mel B and her husband, Will Forte, out with Eddie Murphy’s kid for Halloween in Sydney, Australia.” Fixed that for you.

  8. Why it’s Mel B, her husband, Stephen Belafonte, hanging with Katy Perry and her doll…

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