1. March of the Penguins, Part Deux.

  2. DeucePickle

    I wonder what we are looking at right now in terms of net worth.

  3. This year’s Depends for Men Super Bowl ad is going to be legendary.

  4. Jill

    Resevoir Dogs meats Ocean’s 11?

  5. Scratch and Sniff = mothballs

  6. so ‘Hangover’ for geezers. eh, I’ll watch it.

  7. CrashHell

    “I wish I could tell you that the fanny pack was a wardrobe decision – I wish I could tell you that, but movies are no fairy tale…”

  8. Adult diaper add?

  9. A fanny pack, Morgan. Really?

  10. Pretty sure they’re calling it LAST Vegas, but what the hell, anything to get Photo Boy to use the city’s full name more often.

  11. EricLr

    Bet the insurance company on this shoot required an ambulance be standing by on set.

  12. Dr. cocksider

    Post-war era actors…

  13. Brit

    Leaving Las Vegas II

  14. Martina

    “Four Viagra Amigos”

  15. cc

    RED 2…it’s about REALLY old agents coming out of retirement.

  16. Tron

    This reminds me…I need to get a prostate exam.

  17. BSname

    Ages 75, 68, 69, 65.
    They must be doing a remake of the George Burns Lee Strasberg film Going in Style.

  18. “The Combover”, coming to theatres this fall… because the summer is so hot! Oi…!

  19. bzzt

    I saw this before I read the caption and thought that they were real friends. For a moment, there was meaning in the world.

  20. Tim's Trees

    I love how DeNiro is doing the Hacky DeNiro Impression even when he’s just walking around.

  21. Old, older, oldest & dead.

  22. mbcl

    Storage Wars : The movie.

  23. YEs

    Four men that can’t produce a single combined erection.

  24. tlmck

    I’d say there are 4 bucket lists that are blank.

  25. “Gunfight at the Oy Vey Corral.”

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