1. Mr Smap Beav Sr


  2. Would someone tell her that she’s not fat and doesn’t need to settle for this anymore?

  3. That guy is a fucking complete disaster in every way possible.

  4. Johnny P!

    Some people can make a perfectly good suit look cheap and dirty the minute they put it on.

  5. In my dream, afterwords they both attended the “Take a Nap in Your Running Car in a Garage” Awards show.

  6. The Royal Penis

    Get to it kids, those rugs aren’t gonna munch themselves.

    What? It had a dick? I call bullshit.

  7. really? white boots? even your gayness cannot pull that off.

  8. Sheppy

    Did he win?

  9. Cock Dr

    There’s nothing wrong with having a hair fetish but a woman had better be prepared for a lot of laughing.
    It’s possible he looks absolutely Tarzan spectacular naked.

    • Colin

      But you have to have muscles for the Tarzan look. He’s so skinny, I imagine the moment the clothes come off he looks more like Cousin It.

  10. Jade

    Kelly Osbourne’s girlfriend is way prettier than her.

  11. The chick on the right was my favorite character in Roseanne.

  12. Never thought she would go for a feminine looking dude like this.

  13. EricLr

    ….Just smile and pretend we were invited.

  14. Tiger

    Adam Lambert’s dating Crispin Glover?

  15. BillEBuoy

    Why the hell do her legs face that way? that’s funky.

  16. Brit

    Poor guy. Not only does he look like a twat, he has to bang Kelly Osborne.

  17. cc

    I’ve seen guys get their asses kick for things a lot less risible than those shoes.

  18. Tron

    Damn…Kelly…I just got a boner.

  19. kimmykimkim

    Damn. I really like her hair color.

  20. Nancy

    So they’re going as Katy Perry and Russell Brand for Halloween?

  21. zomgbie

    kelly dresses him.

  22. Lou Braccant

    Crispin Glover still looks so young! Fresh from nearly kicking David Letterman in the head

  23. tlmck

    Ozzy and Sharon discovered the Fountain of Youth.

  24. You

    I want his hair, and yes I’m a girl.

  25. Buddy The Elf

    Fuck yeah – is Dokken touring again?!

  26. I see he’s dressed as supermodel Carol Alt from 1994. Nicely done, sir.

  27. Kelly looks really hot. But then, she’s standing next to a train wreck that has apparently never heard of shampoo, hairbrushes, or soap.

  28. 805fatty

    Every time I see him I have a 90′s flashback… Tesla. Extreme. Mr Big. Blind Melon. etc, etc..

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