1. Kelly Brook as Lady Gaga as Ann Jillian.

  2. I like this picture. Oswalt, you’re in second place as of now.

  3. “My ankle makeup better be perfect or I’m firing you faster than that bitch who confused non-fat for low-fat.”

  4. Johnny P!

    Thanks Kelly, but Pris from Bladerunner you ain’t.

  5. I wanna see the eight pair of lips.

  6. Michael

    If only Lady Gaga looked like that…

  7. cc

    Not seen…the women trying to pry my fingers from Kelly Brook’s ankle

  8. HOO

    Disappointing Ms Brooke!

  9. kimmykimkim

    Awful wig. I own at least five that look better than that. Way to go, Crazy Horse. Off to the glue factory you go.

  10. tlmck

    Sure that isn’t JLH?

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