1. USDA Prime McBeef

    Damnit, I thought I was the only one dressing up as plasticized no talent this year.

  2. Sweety, KimK can put away 5 of those… You have to be more original…

  3. Johnny P!

    Her face says it all: Fucking Retard.

  4. That’s exactly what I thought a “nip slip” picture of hers would look like!

  5. This is why ventriloquists have boxes. Use the fucking boxes.

  6. Elton J.

    great costume

  7. elephantman


  8. rantatonne

    Halloween, that awkward night where you have been in costume all year, so have nothing to wear.

  9. ThisWillHurt

    She treats everyday like it’s Halloween, so when October 31st roles around, all she has left is a look on her face that says “Imma cut yo head off and eat yo soul through yo bloody neck stump! Biiiiiitch!”

  10. Jade

    She looks like a Bratz doll.

    That isn’t a compliment.

    P.S. What’s she doing with the mic?

  11. Tidbit


  12. Practice that stroke for me baby.

  13. Mr. Hamm! You shouldn’t have!

  14. Throb the Wonder Mule

    GREAT costume Russel Brand, never would have recognized you……….

  15. BillEBuoy

    She always has that stupid-ass look on her fugly face. GET RID OF IT!

  16. dude

    inflatable black sex doll, now with realistic teeth.

  17. Performing????????

  18. jd

    That Real Doll isn’t very lifelike if you ask me.

  19. YEs

    Thats an almost lifelike mask.

  20. Are we sure it’s not Miley? Her Nicki Minaj costume was astonishingly good.

  21. Mateo

    She looks like Fucking Cheshire Cat.

  22. *THAT’S* why she was singing into a dildo, it makes perfect sense now.

  23. How can a cross-eyed Black woman have a white nipple slip?

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