1. I guess all that hugging and rolling around on the floor with other dudes in underwear have finally taken their toll.

  2. Tomahawk Holmes

    definition of queer: one who combines v-neck t-shirt with scarf

  3. I shall call him gay from the comfort of a safe distance…
    (Showed him..)

  4. We should set him and Mr. Simpson up on a blind date..

  5. The lovechild of Kiefer Sutherland & Jon Bon Jovi

  6. One of the best wrestlers in history. Always loved watching him in the ring.

    • Is Zimmerman Writing This Crap?

      Wrestling or cock? Jusging by the way he’s dressed, I’d say it’s the latter.

    • “One of the best wrestlers in history”? WTF are you smoking? It’s a fake sport, the shit is not real. Choreographed dancing around a ring with grown groping each other in their underwear. Entertainment for morons. How are you the best of a fake sport?

      • I don’t watch wrestling at all, but the people that do like it seem to appreciate the entertainer’s skillset while obviously recognizing that it’s fake. Things like the ability to sell your performance in the ring and make your opponent look credible as well, your skill and cleverness on the mic, etc.

        I don’t find it at all entertaining personally, but I have friends that grew up with it (as did I) and just never stopped watching it. They appreciate the physical and mental skills of each wrestler, and their respective gimmick, but of course know that it isn’t a real sport.

  7. Extreme Makeover: Sexual Identity Edition

  8. The Pope

    Gordon Ramsey is almost unrecognizable after all that botox and surgery.

  9. Hey, Sugar Ray is back.

  10. anonymous

    Looks like he and Mickey Rourke like to share their clothing with one another.

  11. cc

    Oh, I see now, the skeletons on the scarf macho that outfit right up.

  12. Hey, the goth chick I work with has that scarf!

  13. Ice-T

    Fellow Metal Head!

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