1. “You remind me of my first wife, on her death bed.”

  2. JC

    “Straight up now tell me are you gonna support a two…state…solution…whoa oh oh…”

  3. coljack

    Thank you, Ambassador Abdul, for helping me remember: opposites DO attract.

  4. JimBB

    I don’t know which is more likely to start WWIII

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    See? It wasn’t my fault… the boob rub is one of the first things they teach at World Leader school.

    - Big Willy.

  6. Fortunately for Paula, Israeli TV is on a thirty year tape delay.

  7. The Pope

    What do ya know, opposites really DO attract!

  8. cc

    Finally! Someone has a workable plan to bring peace to the middle east!

  9. fred

    That guy was a healthy 23 year old before he grabbed her and stared into her eyes.

  10. ah, the famous “underboob” israeli handshake. well done!

  11. “I have to pat down all my visitors to make sure they aren’t carrying any drugs or weapons.”
    “I’m Paula Abdul! I don’t have any weapons!”

  12. “…and now Miss Abdul I must motorboat you as per our tradition.”

  13. “Thank you for visiting us, Ms. Abdul. Obviously your skin tone denotes that you’re a Palestinian assassin and you will be taken to my personal dungeon for re-education and then euthanized. You will be missed by everyone that slipped into a coma in 1990.”

  14. djbennyb

    paula’s jewish

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