1. “He threatened to blow me up! And then I see you!”

  2. “I say, is he going to rob me?! Juuust checking, haha”

  3. “He’s laughing! Do you see? It was a joke I just heard from an old chap that works in Clarence House. So Muhammed walks into a house of prostitution…have you heard this one?”

  4. “You’re the President of Afghanistan? Blimey, I thought you were Captain Picard!”

  5. Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

    Blimey, old chap, I mistook this man for my butle… Oh, heh, you’re one of the browns, too. So sorry about the imperialism, old boy.

  6. fred

    “If I had known they let black guys in, I wouldn’t have come-OOOOHHH! I kid, I kid.”

  7. Westcoastdude

    PC: He actually pulled my finger!!

  8. “You’re kidding me… This ISN’T Colin Powell?”

  9. “Chin up, old boy,” Charles told himself, though deep down he was completely devastated to have learned that the dinner would be neither shawarma nor kebabs.

  10. cc

    We looted his country too! *wink*

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