1. Hmmmm, yeah ok. I guess I want to hit him with an air conditioner too.

  2. Michael really has spared no expense. Sure, hiring Kanye to beat up paparazzi and potential extortionists may seem like a bit much but when you consider the quality of work that will be produc..BUWAHAHAHAHAHA…
    Sorry, I couldn’t do it…I just can’t

  3. “Hold it together Michael. Just two more minutes until the next explosion…you can make it. Just imagine the Hindenburg…the sweet, sweet Hindenburg…ninety seconds…”

  4. Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

    Explosions or tits? Explosions then tits? Explosions and tits? Explosions on tits? Exploding tits? Aaaaaaaargh! So many choices…

  5. The Grinch Who Stole My Fucking Childhood.

  6. Hiring Geordi La Forge for security was a good choice.

  7. Are those painter pants from 1978?

  8. Westcoastdude

    If I make my face look like a transformer, then maybe they will leave me alone.

  9. You are supposed to drop the air conditioner from above, onto his head.

  10. “No one can break through my force field of arrogance!”

  11. He looks like a blonde Adam Lanza.

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