1. fred

    “Now you tell me that wearing all black makes my skin look pale and sickly, and that I should never, ever, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, wear a short dress and no sleeves. Couldn’t you have called me earlier this morning when I was getting dressed?”

  2. “Hello! We’re calling to remind you that you’re our loser of the genetic lottery for this week. Your reward is a lifetime of being compared to your much older but still much hotter parents.”

  3. Armpit vagina has shit stain. Front to back. Front. To. Back.

  4. Vlad

    West Hollywood, where all the high priced hookers hang.

  5. cc

    Nothing like the look of a neglected tint to really pull a look together.

  6. father dougal

    If she knows someone is taking her picture, she really shouldn’t be jawing on the phone. Geddit? JAWING on the… oh, nevermind.

  7. ruckus

    “Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…”

  8. “Good news Rumer, you and your sisters are no longer the ugliest celeb women out there, have you seen the Kennedy/Shriver women photos?”

  9. She disproves the algebraic rule that a positive plus a positive does not equal a negative. Obviously this does exist in nature.

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