1. Sheppy

    Good job the registration plate is blanked, can’t have people identifying him as he drives around.

  2. To prove to everyone that I really can go into the future with my badass future-car, I brought back future Justin Beiber. In your face, idiots.

  3. “OK, let’s stop here and fan out. I know I left my dish towel right around here somewhere.”

  4. j/k

    We didn’t pull you over because you’re black, it’s because you are driving a car that clearly belongs to one of Batman’s villains.

  5. fred

    Just like the carpet matching the drapes, it’s important that the socks match the car.

  6. “To the Douche-mobile, old chum!”

  7. Will.i.ride

    That is a customized 1958 VW Beetle, whether you believe it or not.

  8. That is the douchiest car I have ever seen.

  9. anonymous

    Douche Lesson #23: Roll up your pants to show off your expensive colorful socks and designer boots.

  10. He’s one step away from leather jogging pants.

  11. Westcoastdude

    The new batman and robin

  12. meeps!

    Auditions for Kick Ass 3 villains closed yesterday when the production found their Dr. Douchey McDouchenstein…

  13. cc

    ‘Rich’ and ‘bad taste’…conjoined twins apparently.

  14. Will.i.Am is an exercise in how to make Kanye seem likable.

  15. Schadenfreude


  16. arethereanyintelligentpeoplehere

    maybe you people should look up what I AM means before you throw it around like an ignorant human being. Oh wait that’s what you all are.

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