1. “Your womb is ripe. Get into my van.”

  2. coljack

    Do you wanna hug? Or do you wanna HUG?

  3. Pierce is about to find out the hard way that unlike most of the girls that just giggle like the pillsbury dough boy when he pokes their belly, sometimes they unleash a full on crane kick to the gonads.

  4. That lady has a nice ass.

  5. Sean

    Annnnnnnnnddddddd…. PREGNANT!

  6. Westcoastdude

    Obviously he thinks its Gaga and he’s just checking out the rumours.

  7. cc

    Where did his flab go?

  8. Didn’t Monty Python already do a skit about how the English make love? Or am I thinking of a Family Guy bit?

  9. She’s smaller than his wife’s leg. And with a really great ass. I’d take a -150 moneyline he’s fucking her.

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