1. I may have just sprinkled her with my holy water

  2. This woman is getting hotter and hotter by the motherfucking day!

  3. Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

    I have never been more irrationally in love with a woman than I am with her…

  4. cc

    For Hallowe’en I’m going out as the guy who wishes he was fucking her.

  5. I believe that sexual intercourse with her would be a pleasurable experience.

  6. Jade

    I keep seeing the pics of her posted here, but who is she and what is she famous for?

  7. Still think her topless Cancun pics are hotter…

  8. crb

    Shiver me timbers!

  9. anonym

    she knows her good angles

  10. Lol, she’s definitely curvy, but it’s not natural. She was only a C cup before those watermelons were installed…

  11. tlmck

    This seems like a rerun. Like her assistant that posts these does not keep track any more.

  12. I would steal her away from Menelaus and risk the destruction of my fathers kingdom. She would be known throughout history as the tits that launched a thousand ships.

  13. arethereanyintelligentpeoplehere

    How interesting the human race is… If not a bit sad. They build their house on sand. No foundation whatsoever. And the house is the flesh, that dies. Don’t build your house on sand. Build it upon spirit. True beauty never dies. These women you idolize are not beautiful my friends… Its all an illusion. If you saw real beauty you would be blinded by its luminosity… Open your third eye and wake up from the dream.

  14. arethereanyintelligentpeoplehere

    I can prove to you that most women except for select few are not really beautiful. Because once they get older, you start to see them as ugly don’t you. And it’s not your fault, it’s just that women really do start to look ugly when they get older. Because they do not live from spirit. They live from flesh. And when you live from flesh, you don’t live at all. a truly beautiful being, is quilt simply immortal. Which is what we all are in spirit. But you choose to live from flesh and identify yourself with the flesh. So that’s why you suffer the consequences of losing the beauty of the flesh when it had no foundation. Live from your true identity. Oneness. Not duality.

    Namaste :)

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