1. And on the 7th day, God created Kelly.

  2. Yawn. I mean, she has great tits, and a decent face. And OK, her body is awesome and she has a nice ass. And good hair. But she’s no Coco, come on now.

  3. Is this her full time job now? – posting photos on Instagram.

  4. II said it once, I’ll say it again…topless Cancun pics!

  5. cc

    For Hallowe’en, I am going to go out as lingerie bottoms in the hope she puts me on. With my luck it’ll be Lena Dunham instead.

  6. I don’t even.. I mean.. well fuck… She’s perfect

  7. arethereanyintelligentpeoplehere

    Oh Look, a woman whose beauty that goes only skin deep is glorified by the world!… Blasphemy!! You people haven’t seen perfect beauty. Not by a long shot.

  8. Jesus mother of God Harry Houdini she’s phenomenal.

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