1. flaT


  2. Looks like Rory is eyeing up a tree to gnaw on.

  3. Cock Dr

    Shoulda saved this shit for Halloween. Seriously scary.

  4. She really needs to stop convincing me the maid was a better choice…

  5. Moments later, they were slaughtered by aboriginal poachers for their tooth ivory, highly prized in Chinese medicine as a treatment for gallstones and genital warts.

  6. “Hee-HAW, heeHAW”
    “…stick around…..stick around….”
    “…want some candy, mister?..”

  7. digit

    Dayyyum – she even makes the Predator look doable!

  8. diego

    Further proof that the universe hates the Kennedy’s

  9. Bugs Bunny meets Predator

  10. phantom duck

    And if you threw Sarah Jessica Parker into the shot, you’d have the triple crown

  11. sure, they’re not much to look at, but, they have shit tons of money, and it’s reasonably likely somebody would shoot them, saving me the trouble. Call me, ladies!

  12. “We’re here for the ‘all you can gnaw’ pine tree buffet.”

  13. Now you know why all Kennedy men cheat.

  14. I respect any man that would put his penis in that bear trap Rory calls a mouth. You’re a better man than I.

  15. EXTRA! EXTRA! The Underminer takes Mrs. Incredible’s withered husk hostage.

  16. It’s horse face and predator!

  17. fred

    Starring in the new NBC comedy “Choppers and the Iron Lady” on Thursdays at 9:30.

  18. They are “feminist” pretty.

  19. Wow…I FINALLY understand the phrase “Long in the tooth.”

  20. Butch

    Where are their red lasers?

  21. I’ll take “the only two women on earth I would not let fulfill my threesome fantasy” for 400 Alex.

    A BJ could turn deadly.

  22. Fromage

    Desert mole rat vs. crypt keeper.

  23. Those two sure are a couple of busy beavers.

  24. If I was in that family I’d take a head shot or one to the chest..too soon?

  25. Hugh G. Rection

    If you’ve always wondered why Kennedy men cheated on their wives…

  26. Any minute now, MacBeth will be asking them for career advice.

  27. shit, one on the left looks like a fucking gopher

  28. cc

    Ha, good one! Someone is dressing as Roman centurion for Hallowe’en, right down to the two nags to pull his chariot.

  29. There’s not an attractive woman in that family, is there? They make the Bruce Willis genes look desirable.

  30. pile of sawdust (not shown to left of Rory Kennedy)

  31. RocketInMyPocket

    The Kennedys apparently have cross bred with naked mole rats (left) and the Predator (right).

  32. Fug and Fuglierer.

  33. I’d take a plane into the ocean over that.

  34. Isn’t this Alice Cooper and Billy Corgan in their Halloween costumes?

  35. “Waiter … the ladies would like some carrots to munch on”

  36. They both opted for the upper lip removal.

    This was just flat out, one ugly picture.

  37. Though members of the same genus (Kennedy’um Horrific’face’icus) the species diverged into both an omnivorous and carnivorous subspecies, as shown above.

  38. Schadenfreude

    They get this way right around feeding time. They are much tamer after you slap a feedbag on them.

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