1. Awwww, it just becomes cuter and cuter the older he get!

  2. yourmom

    Cuz child molestation PAYS, Bitches!

  3. Ben Dover

    wheres your whores Corey?

  4. Swearin

    Does he know they already cast the next Doctor Who?

  5. Pickle Nose

    “Golly, I can’t wait to get back to LA! Who can afford to live in this city?!?!” exclaimed Cory, who couldn’t afford the New York City markup on hooker prices.

  6. He looks like he’s already had several face lifts. I can’t believe I share my birthday with him!

  7. Mista Snazzy

    Where Da Hoes at? Oh yeah, this is NYC, not LA. HAHAHA, silly me!!!

  8. JimBB

    Pretty ambitious costume. “Closeted Meth-Addled Clark Kent”

  9. I can’t wait to see Charlie Sheen’s Cory Feldman costume.

  10. Westcoastdude

    Man, he’s starting to look like Eric Bana…sorry to shit on your day Eric.

  11. “Yo Cory, where da hookers…I said where da hookers…”

  12. Vlad

    I shall call him Mini-Sheen

  13. Sans whores is not a strong look for him.

  14. cc

    ‘What’s your costume Corey?’
    ‘Less of a clown’

  15. Apparently reduced to raiding Kojak’s wardrobe.

  16. On his way home from auditioning for the Turkish knockoff version of The Black List. He…didn’t get the part.

  17. Upper lip removal is the new “thing” this fall.

  18. He looks lonely without “Corey’s Angels”? When not at the “Feldmansion” they can usually be found at most southern California truck-stops passing out blowjobs and handies for food stamps.

  19. No one notices the spider or wtf crab on his left hand? Hos don’t like pet crabs.

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