1. She smiled, but even the hydrangeas couldn’t distract from the fact that she was freshly fucked.

  2. “Debra, seen my Lithium? Had a whole bottle of it right here just a minute ago.”

  3. Swearin

    The flowers aren’t hiding the stench of crazy…

  4. At least Michele Bachmann had matching crazy eyes. This is more like Alex from A Clockwork Orange.

  5. I love her. She’s beautiful.

  6. fred

    Something is wrong when I would rather stick my dick in that whole between the flowers on the right than in her.

  7. “Did you just take my picture? I love youHAHAHA I’m kidding WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME BACK!?!?!? I’M GONNA STAB YOU IN THE FUCKING FACE!?!?! Marry me?”

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