1. Meg's Attitude

    Mmmmm – pancakes and leather…

  2. Urall Fhags

    And…queue the flapjacks jokes.

  3. Cock Dr

    For this dress to work you need perkies not pancakes.

  4. i see dead people

    Elizabeth Hurley wore this much better and she’s like 20 years older than this skank.

    • Craptard

      Of course Hurley looks better – she has bigger boobs, plus, having a vagina instead of a penis helps alot too.

  5. If you’re trying to distract from a face like that, you better bring better tits to the show.

  6. I can’t believe I’m about to say this… I think I prefer the meat dress on her…

  7. Ready for her money shot.

  8. EricLr

    The security guy on the right is thinking about when he was young, and dreamed of doing consequential things that would make the world a better place. Tonight he will go home and google “best ways to commit suicide.”

    • Athr

      This is brilliant–better writing than the bible itself…of course what *isn’t* better than that useless filth.

    • Born To Go Away

      Nice try, but people around Gaga don’t think. Their consciousness is sucked dry by being in the vicinity of her vacuous self.

  9. Michael

    I bet I can get her to say “Moose and squirrel”.

  10. Johnny P!

    Okay, she doesn’t have the greatest pair, but they’re natural and not filled with silicone.
    And, I gotta say, when she’s not trying to be ‘provocative’ or doing her weird outfit/makeup ‘performance art’ etc., and she’s not appearing in public stone or shit-faced drunk, she’s actually very pretty.
    You can all ‘thumbs down’ me now.

  11. 14 minutes, 53 seconds, and counting.

  12. tlmck

    Looks like Scarjo deflated her boobs.

  13. it had to be said

    Meanwhile Jean Claude Van Dam is in the background wondering what went so very wrong.

  14. catapostrophe

    How does she do it?!

  15. anonym

    nice and meaty

  16. BonnieParker

    It must be hell busting your ass day after day to stay relevent. Go away already!

  17. Josie

    lol are those gold baby pins??

  18. for a skinny chick, she’s got some flabby breasts.

  19. Later

    Awful human being.

  20. Boo

    At least her face look better than usual at that angle.

  21. Realist

    She looks great. But even if she didn’t, she’s still a global superstar and we’re still losers talking about her on the internet. I think I see the winner here.

  22. This is Versace, circa 1994. She is making fun of Liz Hurley.

  23. I am suddenly craving maple syrup.

  24. “Tits…mmMMMMmmmmmmm…” — Homer Simpson

  25. When I saw this pic I thought it was Mayim Bialik! (That actress from Blossom.)

  26. That’s so Blossom.

  27. Mike

    wow real breast you dont see that very often anymore…nice.

  28. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    Those pins are doing nothing to make me feel safe…

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