1. She always looked like a zombie in the face. I guess the legs prove it. Time to nuke it from orbit. “Dis is a Buhright-boy ahlurt”

    • Did nobody watch True Lies? Come on… those legs look like dead tissue and her face is a skeleton’s. You can all shove your thumbs down into your buttholes! LOL

  2. Cock Dr

    This makes a persuasive case but there’s still no excuse for what he did.

  3. I don’t get why he stepped out ton her, because she looks like a housekeeper to me.

  4. EricLr

    I think all the scar tissue from her plastic surgeries has moved to her legs.

  5. Zambonie

    Her knees look like Iggy Pop’s torso.

  6. What’s weird is I don’t remember hearing about her being horribly burned in a fire.

  7. Joe’s Carpet Cleaning Service? Yes, I’m going to need to have five rooms done…oh, and my husband.

  8. LilDeuceDeuce

    This reminds me of the dude from District 9 with the alien prawn hand, except it’s alien legs.

  9. 1NDUN

    I think this is Maria Shrivel.

  10. rican

    That housekeeper is beginning to look a lot better now.

  11. Animal

    Well, I guess if you put a bag over the knees …

  12. What the fuck is that? Does she have gangrene or something? She has the legs of a 96 year old.

  13. That’s the Kennedy’s for you: Old Money, Bad Genes.

  14. Josie

    shes scary lookin

  15. BonnieParker

    Geez! Those legs must have come off an anoexic elephant.

  16. duh!

    Wow those are some leather boots! Oh wait…

  17. celebsloveme

    Oh man, this is so upsetting. She’s rich, her eyes work how does she not see that and do something to get it fixed? I know this is called the Superficial, but doing something about that is not superficial, it’s a public service. Wow.

  18. “Actually, Doctor, I’d prefer to have the liposuction beginning quite a ways above the knees.”

  19. Put It In

    According to its wiki. It’s not even 60!

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