1. Somebody please buy Kathy Griffin some makeup already.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Shrinking fast.

  3. LilDeuceDeuce

    “Oh yes, they float, Georgie. They float. And when you’re down here with me, YOU’LL…FLOAT…TOO!”

  4. I wish this turd would surf, surf, surf, surf, where the sharks swim, swim, swim, swim.

  5. Johnny P!

    He’s so fucking happy that someone – anyone – took his picture.

  6. EricLr

    The sun will go down, to-morrow…

  7. He’ll spend 50 grand on his face, but not $1.50 to get the wrinkles out of his jorts?

  8. Fuggaduggabuck!

    Jeez. It looks like Wendy is taking the death of her father really poorly.

  9. The Royal Penis

    Hmmm….he must have scaled back on the roids…or someone pin pricked him.

  10. Herman Gumper

    “And the children cowered in fear as ‘Aunt Garry’ approached to pinch them on the cheek and pat them on the bottom.”

  11. Colin

    Mickey Rourke’s hair just gets worse and worse.

  12. Gabe Kaplan

    The picture should read “Chuckie in West Hollywood”.

  13. BonnieParker

    Is it Jeepers Creepers feeding time again already?

  14. zomgbie

    get outta the way asshole
    thats jon hamm back there and he has a penis.

  15. Meh

    Hi! My name’s Chucky! Wanna PLAY?

  16. Stewby

    Worth $75 million and looks like this? Plastic surgery must really, really work, huh?

  17. Brizzny

    Looks like one of the zombies from Univeral Studios in the prevous Jonas’ pic!

  18. Lala Land

    Too easy, photo boy. Next picture, please.

  19. Jman

    All this money for muscles and appearance surgery and ya can’t buy a decent pair of jorts?

  20. Ruth

    The photo you’re looking for is one back.

  21. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I’ve never seen an uglier woman.

  22. Scarret top sucks.

  23. Coming out of retirement for the remake of “Annie.”

  24. mbcl

    Coming soon “Chairman of the Board 2 :The Revenge”

  25. Suddenly Maria Shriver’s knees just got a lot easier to look at.

  26. Hey, where did Christina Hendricks’ giant tits go?

    Yeah, I said it.

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