1. Lucion

    She is trying to be so tough. How cute.

  2. JC

    The Bieber Signal is activated, and within moments, the superhero swoops in to battle his nemesis, The Black Snake, whose secret lair is in Usher’s pants.

  3. Anthony

    Little known fact for everyone, Skynet’s first product was an utter failure…. and pretty gay.


  5. He has angel-toe.

  6. Cock Dr

    She can surround herself with teenaged pop divas in bikinis, dress all in black leather, grab the crotch compulsively and festoon the stage with heavy metal HL Giger influenced props but it’s still just a little Canadian girl in the spotlight.

  7. Yes, painting giant angel wings black makes it manly. But you want more manly? I suggest grow a dick.

  8. Johnny P!

    Angel barf.

  9. EricLr

    I rap so weak it’s scary
    Dressed like an angel, sing like a fairy.

  10. Tell me if i am reading this right. In Mapleianity, your messiah not only allegedly gets to openly grope nubile bosoms, but suggests that you can get wasted to the point of throwing up and still get your wings? Your move Ratzinger.

  11. Justin Bieber isn’t the Angel of Death. His music is.

    Oh, and… no matter what he does to look like a real tough guy, Samantha Ronson will always be at least 10 steps ahead of him.

  12. tlmck

    “Um guys, this thing is crushing me. Guys?”

  13. wanker

    I believe this is how Dante envisioned the Ninth Circle of Hell .

  14. For the Maple Christ to have a second coming, doesn’t he need a first?

  15. no, this isn’t gay at all

  16. Sheppy

    Those cables look disappointingly strong.

  17. It’s a good thing the outfit is black because he’s probably shit himself.

  18. Pat C.

    People find that entertaining ?!? And pay big bucks to see it ?!?

  19. Josie

    what the heck is this?! lolllllll

  20. Gabe Kaplan

    Not shown: The audience laughing.

  21. BonnieParker

    Isn’t that harness one of those forward facing baby carriers?

  22. Alexxx

    Pink is clearly pulling out all the stops for her new tour.

  23. Meh


  24. Vlad

    Bieber just before he cropdusted the crowd with puke

  25. Allison Wunderlan

    It’s Pygar from Barbarella! So where’s the young naked Jane Fonda from 1968?

  26. another mike

    Victorias secret #8: I your a gay candaian who spews man goo on stage, you too can be an angle.

    • Note: If , as you traverse through life, you want people to take you seriously and to laugh at your jokes, it’s always a good idea to FUCKING SPELL CORRECTLY!

  27. herewego


  28. This picture completely proves Nietzsche’s point.

  29. whyask

    Nothing says “heterosexuality” like black leather and feathers,

  30. WTFFFFF is going on…..

  31. Hey, Bieber, regarding your little mishap the other night, has trying to swallow semen always made you puke?

  32. Arzach

    The douchy-soft-pussy-midget-gay version of Billy Idol, sorry Billy.

  33. Tidbit

    He nicknamed the harness “Usher” out of familarity.

  34. Am I the only one wishing to see those cables snap? Now, that would be entertaining!

  35. NattyIce

    “I so look like Miley Cyrus in that one video. I love me.”

  36. It’s very brave of him to perform while still attached to Usher’s SexMoTron.

  37. Evilgeniusnz

    Ahh Justine Beiber, Wait… is that her camel toe?

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