1. i zoomed for nothing.

  2. I immediately like this person and her unibrow. Who is she?

    • Trek Girl

      She is a 30 year old Russian model and philanthropist who lives in the UK. She is 3rd on Forbes’ list of top-earning models. I suggest googling her; she is fun to look at.

  3. She looks like page 8 of a Russian bride catalog.

  4. Later that night, she joined Magneto for a celebritory cocktail.

  5. mamamiasweetpeaches

    she reminds me of a cross between the little girl from MY GIRL and that womans torso mannequin thing Marilyn Manson used to wear

    • I'mCool

      I totally see what you’re saying, but I’m thinking a comparison of those two things might never again happen in the history of ever.

      • mamamiasweetpeaches

        which is all kinds of SAD because many times Ive watched that Marilyn Manson video and thought “the only thing keeping Marilyn Manson from being hot is he doesnt have Anna Chlumskeys HEAD”.

        And now WHAM!

        My prayers have been ANSWERED!

  6. joe

    Does this dress make me look like a twenty-dollar whore?

  7. Vodianova? Yes, I would! Ova and ova.

  8. Jade

    Model Natalia Vodianova rockin’ the “I just got out of bed and didn’t fix my hair” look.

  9. Cock Dr

    In an effort to be nice (she is showing off her tits) I will concede that the shoes do sorta match the…..dress thingy.

  10. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Do I have to say something nice about her?


    “She’s Not Fat”

  11. Dirk Diggler

    Kind of reminds me of denise richards

  12. zomgbie


  13. Meh

    Why is everyone turned away?

  14. toopier

    is this that magic Mormon underwear I have been hearing about?

  15. I find your lack of nipple disturbing.

  16. LLBL

    Damn, time flies. The little robot girl from Small Wonder is all grown up.

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