1. Deacon Jones


  2. She should keep that hat on, and tilt it over her face. Also, not one single ass shot, what the hell.

  3. cc

    I am getting angry now.

    Can’t we sub in more Amber Heard ass shots? I don’t care is she’s gay.

  4. Gerttastic

    I think put the hat back on. Or, well, whatever, there is no good configuration.

  5. CptCreep

    “Hey, I got a really wet yabbie! So go ahead and chockablock me in the gunny until I waltz in you boots you tanky bushman!”

  6. Richard McBeef

    Average. It’s Australian for hot.

  7. DeucePickle

    She’s really hot, below the neck and above the stomach

  8. DogBoy

    She should do some sort of international exchange deal for some of Rumer’s chin.

  9. farting old man's wife

    She has her own crocodile teeth!!!

  10. Blech

    She’s really good at modeling for stool softeners.

  11. Fester

    Congratulations Gary Busey, you found the Fountain of Youth! Okay, so it turned out to be full of estrogen. Shit happens.

  12. Noel

    if that’s what they consider “model” material, then i’m moving to australia.

  13. AnnaDraconida


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