1. Sure he doesn’t support Marijuanna refrom but thinks it’s okay to get stoned.

  2. “We should double Guantanamo!”

  3. tlmck

    “No Mr. Romney. That is not how you do Gangnam Style.”

  4. “I am FOR more horses and bayonets in our military! Who’s with me?!?”

    • rantatonne

      I think all the Non-Democratic, and some of the Democratic ones, would be with that.

    • Dick Hell

      It’s a good plan, assuming the enemy is close to see our mighty dancing horses and be rendered incontinent by laughter. Then while they’re pissing themselves we can run up and poke them with the bayonets.

  5. Mike701

    “When Ryan holds it just right? I kind of look like this.”

  6. EricLr

    Anyone who thinks he can take me, step on up, asshole!

  7. Anthony

    Bill Clinton made that same face in front of a podium before.

  8. I expected more out of the T3000 models.

  9. “I’m rich bitches! What?”

  10. Josephus

    If you look at his hand, he gets to punch you, right?

  11. rantatonne

    “Yes, I did suggest it,” he said as he sniffled and visibly fought back tears, “But they said using a plain, white, square as our logo, would be too honest for politics.”

  12. Kojak

    Was hilarious when in the debate he said that iranians are beginning to think that USA is weak!
    Yeah, a war could easily solve this…
    …or Iran is just a poor country in the other side of the world, that is not a commercial partner, and that is not even a top ten homeland for the real terrorists.
    Iranians don’t consider themselves arabians.
    Is much easier to support the democratic opposition to the their current midget-idiotic president, who is very unpopular among 40% of the iranians.
    Yes, they elected a warmonger idiot that talks too much, but this was the same vision that almost every one in the world has about G. W. Bush…

    • Just for the record…. Iranians don’t consider themselves Arabs because they’re not. Different ethnic group. Persians.

      They’re Muslims but not Arabs.

      • Kojak

        Just for the record, i didn’t said nothing different.
        But, some farsi zoroastrian people don’t like very much when iranians call themselves persians, because zoroastrian persians were hunted by the muslins, and muslins drop the name Persia because it do not represent muslin culture…
        But when they need to sell the idea that they are a ancient wise civilization, iranians talk about Persia.
        Nothing against Iran, my sister work as diplomat there, and i don’t have a manicheist view of that country, but the truth is not that simple.
        80 years ago Lebanon was very similar to Mônaco, now is like Camboja… That’s the best example of how things work in those countries after the wars…
        The people in power in the region for the last 80 years is responsable of made those places poor and/or destroyed, and the religion matters only made things worst.

    • rican

      Yes, yes, a poor country headed by a warmonger idiot that is hell bent on annihilating Israel and close to developing a nuclear bomb. Who cares what they do or think, right? Tell me something Kojak, do you work hard at saying moronic stuff, or does it come naturally?

  13. Finally, a photographer caught him being full of it.

  14. guttboy

    Please do not elect this “Man”. he thinks he can run your country like a business, problem is he doesn’t have any experience in running a business, only in ruining them a la Gordon Gecko.

  15. a half windsor?? More like a half-assed windsor! You sir are an embarassment.

  16. Animal

    “God it feels so nice and warm running down my legs.”

  17. napoupi

    “And so I was all like ‘Stapl’ ain’t worth a dolla mista judge !’ “

  18. [Stumbles onto stage, into what he thinks is a urinal]

  19. Phoenix

    “Come at me, bro.”

  20. zomgbie

    eeep- eeep eeep-
    crowd breakdown:
    89% republican.
    10 % democrat.
    1% sarah connor.

  21. Raoul

    “Hmm. TWO black microphones. Decisions, decisions …”

  22. Vlad


  23. BenDoverman

    Just vote for us godammit. I’m tired of the bullshit begging

  24. caley

    “Ladies and Gentlemen…I farted.

  25. Totally out of respect (yeah, right) I am no longer going to refer to this…mmm…fellow as Mitt Romney. From this point forward I will refer to him by his given name: WILLARD! Can you fucking believe it? Willard. Christ, what a doofus. “Hi there, my name is Willard.” Just like the rat guy. Willard…hahaha…

    • Schmidtler

      Barack Hussein Obama.
      And you want to mock people’s names?
      Now do something useful, and explain the “H” in H. Ross Perot.
      Seriously, because idk wtf is gayer than ‘Ross’ that somebody would opt to use that instead of their real first name.

  26. Bionic_Crouton

    “What,,, NO ONE has recipe for the brownies Willie Nelson left in my dressing room?”

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