1. dairyair


  2. Doesn’t look bad from the back here. She’s still a dumb bitch though.

  3. Mr. Poop, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm

    they make automobiles for oversized livestock?

  4. Jade

    This is great free advertising for those shoes. Look how strong they are!

  5. EricLr

    Every time I see this girl, I flash back to that line from Superman: “How that brain keeps those legs moving, I’ll never know.”

  6. Anthony

    It’s not a coincidence that boom mic in the background looks like it’s near her mouth.

  7. your mom

    Did she lose a bet with the paps or something? Piss of Kris Jenner? Ho’lotta ass pics lately…

  8. She’s going to have to open that door a lot wider.

  9. Kim, those giant squid scars, er, psoriasis patches look great!

  10. Little Tongue

    That giant ass is just ridiculous.

  11. Animal

    Nice ass!!!

  12. When she gets in the car it’s less Rolls and more Struggles To Move

  13. Inner Retard

    No! Bad cow! That’s not the barn door.

  14. Jack Ketch


  15. Cock Dr


  16. Lemmiwinks

    One nice thing about her shoe choices, if her toes are soaking in urine at least her heels stay dry.

  17. Needs more cowbell.

  18. Spartacus


  19. Ronaldo

    Thats one big ass

  20. castallare

    Whoa. Why isn’t this photographer in prison for watching her get into the driver’s seat without intervening!? They arrested that guy who took the picture of the monk who set himself on fire, and THAT was a peaceful protest. Christ, where are our morals?

  21. Halfway shapely – fresh diaper I presume.

  22. rawz9volt

    Ms. Kardashian is seen here modelling her new line of titanium ass-containment undergarments.

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