1. jorge

    and i don’t give a damn about my itty bitty titties

  2. What in the fuck….

  3. She looks better now than she did in the 80′s. Women of Hollywood, take note- botox and restalyn are not the way to do it.

    • DeucePickle

      I guess you’re into jiggly guts on ladies….I am not.
      She was way hotter 30 years ago.

      • Dick Hell

        I’ve never been a fan but I think she’s holding up rather well at 54.

      • neo

        FINALLY – time caught up with her. I give her credit for lasting as long as she did. But, at this age…she needs to hang it up. (no h8, just saying…she’s an old bag now). :P

  4. Tiger

    I love him on The Mighty Boosh!

  5. Jade

    She looks like a guy.

  6. EricLr

    I hate myself for still loving you.

  7. diego

    There’s a time and a place for everything, and it was called the 80′s.


  9. Stale muffin top.

  10. Apparently this is the Halloween edition of Crap we missed…

  11. Someone loved Rock ‘n Roll a little too long.

  12. She’s the same age as Madonna…what is she eating that’s keeping her looking so young. what could it be…

  13. Joan Jet and the Black Hearts > Joan Jett and the Sag Parts

  14. Damn, 50 hit her ass real hard. It’s time to grow up, Joan dear…

  15. Contusion

    That is the weirdest camera angle of all time.

  16. Cock Dr

    A hot little leather jacket could have turned this around 180 degrees. Women of a certain age, no matter how toned, just can’t get away with this under bright lights and cameras.
    Dammit Joan.

  17. zomgbie

    to be fair thats the best ronnie wood has looked in a long time.

  18. Little Tongue

    Not bad at all for 54, but she still should abstain from wearing translucent clothing. Thank you.

  19. Vlad

    Elvira on her day off

  20. I love Noel Fielding!!

  21. Next.....

    How can nobody see she has had her face completely re-done? All comments about her face are how great she’s aged but she is completely unrecognizable to me. Looks like a different person to me.

  22. Mickey01232000

    I think that rocker look should stop once you can start collecting Social Security.

  23. Mekko

    Liza Minelli done gone Goth

  24. Whatever plastic surgery she did on her face is impressive. It actually looks good. Didn’t think she was the plastic surgery type though.

  25. Damn, Kris Jenner’s nipples are showing again.

  26. castallare

    Ahh LUUV garlic rolls! Slather one up with some buttah baby!

  27. Schmidtler

    yeah, what could say ‘class’ like a 60 year old broad with a fat gut, see through black tank top, loads of tats and high top cons sneakers? Way to class it up there Joan.

  28. Put It In

    Let it go grandma

  29. wow she looks totally young! that’s cool. lol.

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