1. 1NDUN

    ‘A Night of New York Class’, huh? Based on the photos of the attendees, this must have been an intervention. Otherwise, we need to send in Snake Plissken to clean that place up.

  2. It must have been one hep event!

  3. joe

    Is that . . . hair gel?

  4. Pam at a class event. What, were Snooki & Donald Trump too busy?

  5. O'chunt

    Yup, still would.

  6. Johnny P!

    Since when did they start putting big tits on bobble-heads ?

  7. your mom

    If this is what “a night of class” gets you in New York…. well, I can finally understand the appeal of Jersey Shore.

  8. mamamiasweetpeaches


  9. DeucePickle

    I can’t believe I’m the first to chime in with the most obvious joke of Night of New York Ass.
    Seriously people? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  10. Inner Retard

    Wow, the general contractor must have asked for a ton of money to fix this baby up to look presentable. Then there is decorating, landscaping…

  11. The only “class” this woman knows of is dick sucking class. And she’s the teacher.

  12. The Royal Penis

    I’ve seen this tranny before…..I think it was at the Masquerade Show Bar.

  13. Brit

    Hmmm, I can see what Mary was on about, now.

  14. Mandzuz

    “What’s that you say? I resemble my own handbag..”

  15. “OMIGOD, EVERYBODY LOOK! Hurry up! I can’t believe she’s here in person. I totally love this…
    \Hey, wait a second. Never mind, false alarm. What a let down. It’s only Pamela Anderson…”

  16. Now you look like old lady

  17. If you sit back for a second and consider the seemingly instant deteriorations undergone lately by all of the Lohans, Heigls, Simpsons, Aguileras and other cases half her age, she doesn’t look that bad all of a sudden.

  18. cc

    Courtney Stodden will look a lot worse at her age. Or possibly tomorrow.

  19. Primitivefix06

    She’s working on her Kristen Stewart impersonation.

  20. L.A. trash = New York class

  21. Hugh Jazz

    AARP? No these are Triple-Ds. Why?

  22. why god

    Fake tits are gross and not appealing at all. yuck

  23. mark

    Pam’s great, don’t be assholes, you haters.

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