1. “Damn, that guy is short.” –Peter Dinklage

  2. EricLr

    He looks more like Mena Suvari’s type.

  3. Josephus

    “It’s THIS thick! And he’s Asian! How ’bout that? ::snort::”

  4. your mom

    Whoa! That’s the best celebrity hand puppet I’ve ever seen!!

  5. PSY is smaller than I thought.

  6. B&WMinstrel

    Hah! She’s got the telescope the wrong way round

  7. 1. Apparently she’s huge in Japan
    2. La Hong? Seriously? Sounds like a gay porn star name…

  8. The Asian and the Round Eye

  9. napoupi

    La Hong, La Long… La Short.

  10. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Are we sure this isn’t Mike Myers in “yellowface”? Maybe he’s shooting The Love Guru 2?

  11. Bigalkie

    Wow the Chinese really spoil their kids. They give a Viennese Boutique to a seven year old.

  12. Urvag

    I think she’s thinking his head is at the right height to snort off of.

  13. angerinside

    Nice to see Tom Cruise has moved on.

  14. That baby Obama was holding sure makes the rounds…

  15. Mandzuz

    th fuck is she doing ?

  16. “Hey, everybody, should I smash her tit with my face? Should I take a bite? Huh? What do you think? I want to do it…”

  17. Those are the pointiest goddamned shoes I’ve ever seen.

  18. KC

    She has not aged well, which is really sad since she’s only 26.

  19. caley

    “If you look through here you can see my career slowly receding into the horizon.”

  20. Colin

    La Who?

  21. There are benefits to spending your life at boob level.

  22. cc

    What’s the opposite of ‘power couple’?

  23. This young man is getting to know Mischa Barton’s body by Braille.

  24. Put It In

    This guy is shorter than Papa Smurf

  25. Crissy

    Somebody told Mischa she was going to be photographed with a tiny guy… She tried to spot him.

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